The Koliwadas of Versova Village


Offered by: Shweta Agarwal (Street photographer and curator of @hcsc_street on Instagram)

$200 per person

up to 3 people

approx. 4 hours

Travel Photography

Mumbai is made up of seven islands. The Kolis (fishermen) were the first inhabitants to live on these islands. These fishing folks, well-known for their spirited and fun-loving way of life, live in small settlements dotted along Mumbai’s coastline. ‘Versova Village’ is one such settlement and unique in its own right from several of the other Koli communities of Mumbai.

This community takes pride in itself and does not want to adapt to the city life completely. They like to stick around together and keep their doors open to all, closing them only at night. The fishing activities are particularly interesting here, which is the main focus of this experience. Big fishing boats and nets, folks mending stuff, tea and snacks floating around everywhere, daily catches being cleaned and packaged swiftly before the hustle and bustle of Mumbai even begins.

Early mornings are a great time for this experience. This is also an excellent opportunity to talk to the “original” inhabitants of Mumbai and hear firsthand tales of how the city has evolved through the decades.

Additional information

Meeting point
Versova metro station, Gate no. 6

Recommended equipment
28mm/35mm or any wide lens, portrait lens like 50mm or 85mm

Activity level

Important Notes
 Wear comfortable clothes and footwear and carry water