Dimitri Mellos


Juror’s pick for the 2016 Magnum Photography Awards, and featured on The Leica Blog and LensCulture for his work on New York’s Chinatown

Dimitri Mellos was born in Athens, Greece and has lived in New York City since 2005. His work has been exhibited in Athens, London, Berlin, Barcelona, New York, San Francisco, Canberra, and elsewhere, and resides in private and public collections.

John Szarkowski said of Garry Winogrand that “his ambition was not to make good pictures, but through photography to know life.” This statement perfectly epitomizes Dimitri’s photographic aspirations and approach. His involvement with both photography and psychology is founded on a deep-seated curiosity and empathy, and an insatiable interest in people and what makes them tick. He aspires to make photos that are not just formally interesting, but also emotionally nuanced and intellectually stimulating; photos that ask rather than answer questions, and that invite the viewer to develop a keener appreciation of the humble fabric of everyday life.

Among other distinctions, Dimitri was recently chosen as a Juror’s Pick for the 2016 Magnum Photography Awards, and a Finalist for the 2016 LensCulture Street Photography Awards. In addition, he has won first place at the PX3 Awards, the International Photography Awards, and the WPGA Pollux Awards. He has also been a Finalist for the Fotovisura Grant, the Magnum Expression Award, and the Renaissance Photography Prize.


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Experiences by Dimitri


By Dimitri Mellos

$150/person for 3 hours (2 to 4 people)

See iconic Chinatown with a fresh set of eyes while straying off the tourist path to the less frequented parts, and watch Dimitri in action