Capturing iconic Tokyo in new frames


Offered by: George Nobechi (Award-winning, internationally exhibited photographer who launched the Santa Fe Workshops in Asia)

Starting at $200/person

up to 3 people

approx. 5 hours

Travel photography

Find the balance between shooting Tokyo’s iconic features and creating compositionally compelling frames

This experience takes an intimate look at some of Tokyo’s iconic settings while helping you use them as complementary features to create unique and memorable vignettes. George Nobechi’s attention to detail in setting up evocative compositions and then waiting for moments to breathe life into them makes this a “must do” experience if you are a visually inclined visitor to Tokyo. George will help you work with your backdrops and foregrounds to create depth in the city’s many complex layers that go way beyond the “usual” Tokyo postcard shots.

“Organized chaos” is a defining feature of the culture of Tokyo. The city’s name conjures images of a dynamic, sprawling, bewildering, and at times inaccessible place to visitors. Underneath the surface of a metropolis constantly in motion is the soul of the city  — from the boardroom to the dive bar, from residential neighborhoods to iconic hubs like Shibuya and Ginza, all via commuter train lines that are the lifeblood of the city. True access requires deep local knowledge and insight.

Tokyo has been named as “The Most Satisfying City” by TripAdvisor, and as such millions of short-term visitors have made this a bucket-list item in recent years. Visually capturing Tokyo’s complexity can be immensely challenging and the vast majority of shooters head for the same areas they’ve seen in other people’s photographs.

George was born and raised in Tokyo and is a producer of photographic exhibitions, workshops, and art events all over Tokyo. His visual aesthetic has been shaped both by his inimitable experiences growing up in Tokyo, as well as the inspiration he found working closely with world-renown photographers Sam Abell and Arthur Meyerson in Japan.

This experience is most suited for any short-term visitor to Tokyo that wants to go beyond its “typical” sights and features. Whether you are a travel, street, documentary photographer or just prefer capturing candid moments that are “authentic,” George helps you see both the iconic and the underbelly of Tokyo.

  • Visit some of Tokyo’s most locally relevant and visually interesting locations
  • Work with George to create interesting frames out of compelling backdrops while waiting for situations to develop into “decisive moments”
  • Customize some locations with George based on current situations and your specific interests — sweeping city views, dramatic architecture or street life
  • Tailor this experience to your preferred time of night or day — be it the reflective daylight, golden hour or night scenes

Additional information

Meeting point
George will select a meeting point convenient for you to access from your location (TBD) so you do not have to worry about navigating through Tokyo

Recommended equipment
The camera you are most comfortable with. For street photography, the less obtrusive, the better. 28~50mm lenses on a compact body work well in Tokyo.

Activity level
Medium – a decent level of walking is involved

Important Notes
It is important to set the meeting time and location in advance so that George can best plan locations to maximize your time and focus on your interests. Not all time slots are available on each day so please confirm early, it is best to make a booking at least 7 days before your intended experience day.